Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Brief Thoughts on Canada Day

Today is Canada Day. This year, Canada celebrates its 146th birthday. A pretty new country, in the grand scheme of things. Every day, were I to stop and consider it, I am grateful for being born Canadian; on July 1 my fellow Canadians and I are especially proud (some recent political events aside ...).

Earlier today, someone posted a link on Facebook to a blog post about 50 gifts Canada has given the world. I clicked, and to my pleasure I saw that insulin topped the list. Not only do I live in a country where my basic medical needs will be met regardless of my economic situation, but if it weren't for this Canadian discovery in 1922, I would not be alive today.

In addition to insulin, I learned that a Canadian with low vision invented the first computerized braille translation system in the early 1970s. These days, virtually all braille production is done this way. Among other scientific and medical inventions like the electron microscope and pacemaker, and everyday objects like garbage bags and alkaline batteries, life could be very different without Canada around.

And with those brief thoughts, I'll wish a Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!

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