Friday, December 20, 2013

One of Those Days

One of those days that, even as I go about my daily business of work and errands and chores, diabetes manages to steal. One of those days where words fail, because there's no story to tell, since it's not just one day but a representation of many.

The lethargy of blood sugar levels that stay relentlessly high. The vaguely queasy feeling that accompanies glucose and ketones. The monotony of pulling out the meter and obtaining that tiny bead of red every hour or two. The whirring thoughts, running through pump, site, insulin, illness, what else could it be. The shots, the site changes, the pump refills. The corrections, ad nauseam.

Intermingled with everyday life. Phone calls and reading and typing, interrupted by finger pokes and pump programming and shots and Ketostix. Interacting with friends and colleagues and strangers, all of them completely missing the undercurrent of the diabetes battle that is raging.

So normal to anyone watching. But under the surface, one of those days that diabetes rules.

One of those days that, ultimately, is best summed up in a picture rather than words. (Except for the alt text describing the picture, of course.)

Picture of a pump in the left foreground with a portion of a keybard next to it and the tray of a video magnifier in the background. Pump screen displays: Alert. HIGH BG. Treat high BG. Check site. Check ketones. Monitor BG.


  1. Dear friend, I have had this same issue with my son while he's been on Apidra. I learned that if the insulin is cloudy it is no longer good for using. I too kept giving my son Apidra and the sugars kept going up. I switched back to Novolog. To me, (just me) it doesn't go bad the same. I am sorry for what you are going through. I pray your day improves.

    1. So far, this is the first time in two years of using Apidra that I've had a problem with it just ceasing to work. I used Humalog for about 8 years before that and switched to Apidra because I was getting a lot of occlusion alarms on my pump. But I've seen a few others say that Apidra loses potency at random, so I'll definitely keep an eye out for it in the future.