Saturday, May 17, 2014

Diabetes Snapshots

Note: Today's theme for Diabetes Blog Week is diabetes snapshots—to grab a camera and share what life with diabetes is like through photographs.

What does daily life with Type 1 diabetes look like?

Close-up of a test strip sucking blood off a finger.
It looks like testing blood sugar eight to ten times every day (and night).

Close-up of the nutritional label on a packag of food.
It looks like calculating every gram of food eaten for every meal and snack.

Close-up of insulin pump tubing.
It looks like being connected to a life-sustaining medical device around the clock.

Close-up of an insuion pump infusion set with a sharps container in the background.
It looks like countless needle pokes for infusion sets, injections, and blood draws.

Close-up of to boxes of insulin with a pharmacy label.
 It looks like cupboards and fridges filled with boxes of prescriptions.

Close up of insulin pen with needle attacked and Ketostix in the background.
It looks like ketone sticks and insulin pens for incidents of high blood sugar.

Close-up of an open tube of glucose tablets with tablets spilling out and book spines in the background.
It looks like glucose tablets stashed everywhere for incidents of low blood sugar.

Close-up of an an open glucagon emergency glucagon kit showing a vial of glucagon and a syringe.
It looks like always being prepared for an emergency situation.

Table with discarded insulin pump supplies scattered on its surface.
It looks like piles of medical waste created every couple of days.

Close-up of a graph on a glucose meter showing three days of widely varying blood sugar levels.
It looks like the chaos created when trying to imitate a functioning pancreas.

Close-up of a glucose meter showing a reading of 5.4 mmol/L.
 But sometimes, when everything falls into place, it looks like perfection.


  1. I can relate to all your pics!!

  2. Those are great examples of what life with diabetes is like